About Me

When I started this blog I was a full-time student who loved to cook.  I decided to write this blog to prove that you can cook good food despite having limited facilities and hopefully to inspire some people to try and cook a little bit more at university.  Now I've graduated I'm going to keep cooking and will hopefully get the chance to be a little more adventurous.

Although I'm now based in Southampton I've decided not to change the name of my blog, to remind me where I started.  I'm hoping to move into a more permanent home in the next couple of months and I'll post some pics of my new kitchen when I do finally settle down.

Fiona Nutting

When I first started studying, I remember complaining about the lack of facilities to a member of college, saying that we really did need ovens.  The response I got annoyed me at the time as the person I was talking to confidently said that most meals could be cooked with just one hob and a microwave (with a little adaptation).  I remember thinking this simply wasn't the case and that there were loads of things that were impossible.  However, living in Germany for a year, where my kitchen consisted of a hob and sink in a cupboard, where I had to use my draining board as a work surface, I decided to put this theory to the test and realised that there was indeed a lot you could do with just a hob.  That is where the idea for this blog originated.

I am so grateful for the experience as it taught me to adapt and use what I had.  I even perfected the art of baking chocolate cake without an oven or a microwave, using just a saucepan of simmering water and a partly submerged mug to create a steamed pudding.

I also love to knit and a couple of posts about my current projects may crop up from time to time.  I find there's no better way to relax after cooking and eating than sitting down with some knitting and catching up on some of the programmes I've missed.

My kitchen:
Below are a couple of pictures of my first kitchen to give you a feel for where I started.  As you can see it was tiny, with barely enough room for two people to stand side-by-side and just a single induction hob and a microwave, but I never let that put me off.  I became very good at making microwaveable mug cakes and I still love anything that can be cooked in a single pan.

My Little Cambridge Kitchen

The view from my kitchen
I loved my little kitchen and was very sad to say goodbye to it, especially the gorgeous view from the window.