Saturday, January 4, 2014

Chocolate and Pretzel Cupcakes

Chocolate and pretzels may sound like an odd combination but I really enjoyed these cupcakes.  I followed the recipe from Sorted which you can find here!/chocpretzelcupcakes/ I love their website as the recipes are different and easy to follow.  However, I do have a couple of comments about their cupcake recipe.

Firstly, they are making American cupcakes, not English fairy cakes, so there is a lot of batter and if your cases are slightly smaller expect to make more than 12 (I made 18).  If lots of heavy buttercream isn't your thing then make less icing.  I made half the amount recommended.  Just remember you need half as much butter than icing sugar.  If made using this ratio then the buttercream comes out very thick.  If you want to make it easier to pipe (i.e. thinner) then simply add some more butter until it reaches the desired consistency.

The base before adding the mixture
The idea of using crumbled pretzels as a base is different and worked well, however, do be careful when taking the finished cupcakes out of their cases as the bottom may crumble, you will need to eat these over a plate!

Chocolate dipped pretzels would make a good snack in themselves!
Here's the finished product, they look great and tasted delicious!  Thanks Sorted!

N.B. These are best served fresh and need to be eaten soon after baking (ideally within a day) as the pretzels go soft quite quickly and you loose the effect of the crunch.

As much as I love watching the Great British Bake Off it does make me quite jealous.  Although I am sort of grateful that I don't have an oven at uni because it has made me become a better cook, I do miss baking so it is lovely to be able to take advantage of the oven when I am back at home.


  1. The sweet, salty and crunchy combination sounds delicious!