Saturday, March 29, 2014

SE1 - Borough Market

I love visiting home and getting the chance to explore my home city, London.  There is so much on offer for foodies it's hard to know where to start, but ever since my mum told me that the German Deli has a stall and shop in Borough Market I've been dying to go.  I know it's not been long since I've been to Germany, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to visit the market with my mum this week.

We got to the market around 11 so we could have a good look round before deciding where to have lunch.  The smells coming from many of the stalls were so inviting and all of the produce was beautifully presented!

Having wandered around the stalls, tasting as we went, we made it across the road to the part of the market where there are stalls selling hot food, perfect for lunch.  After a brief pause to take photos in front of the impressive Brezen (I'm so used to talking about them in German I just can't call them pretzels), we wandered along the row of stalls until one serving Indian food caught our eye.

For £6.50 you could have cumin rice, with their three dishes of the day, I particularly liked the potato dish we tried, however the cauliflower and mung bean curries were also delicious.  The onion bhaji was unusual and although I liked it, it wasn't an outstanding part of the lunch.

Next on our list was the German Deli stall.  Although I only left Germany earlier this week but I am already missing the food!  Fortunately, this stall (along with their shop which is just around the corner) was able to satisfy my cravings.  We came away with some Nürnberger Rostbratwürste (a small, herby variety of sausage which I discovered on my year abroad), some Weißwurst, sweet mustard, a jar of Sauerkraut and a couple of Brezen.  I'm looking forward to cooking myself some traditional German food when I get back to Cambridge.

I was pleased to see the full range of Hela curry ketchups on their stand and will definitely be placing an order for some online, along with some Bratwürste to eat with it, at some point.

We finished off our trip by popping into Neal's Yard Dairy.  I hadn't heard of them before but they are a fantastic shop which specialise in British cheese.  The shop is amazing, mainly because the decoration is the cheese - there are huge wheels of cheese everywhere with even more blocks displayed appetisingly on the counter with labels to tell you what they are and where they're from.

After a last wander through the market to take in the aromas one last time we headed home, laden with German specialities and some particularly tasty goats cheese.  I had a lovely time and will definitely be going back soon to try some more of what's on offer - maybe something a little sweeter next time - and also to have a better look at the shops surrounding the market, particularly places like Bread Ahead, which looked really interesting - I would definitely be tempted to try a course there at some point!

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