Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Eat Cambridge - Street Food

On Saturday evening I set off at 5 to head over to the Eat Cambridge Street Food Market and it was a good job I arrived early, just 45 minutes after the event started it was already packed!  We edged our way through the crowd to have a look at what was on offer.

I quickly came to the conclusion that despite looking incredible the queue for the Steak and Honour Burgers was just too long!  I was later assured by a friend who is far more patient than I am that the burger was excellent and worth the wait. (Hopefully I'll be able to track them down some other time before I leave Cambridge.)

Wood Fired Pizza
However, we spied the Fired Up pizzaria tent in a corner which luckily didn't have a queue - this had more to do with the rapid rate at which they were churning out pizzas rather than their popularity.  The wait for my asparagus and ham pizza topped with an egg was short and the pizza was delicious.  I loved being able to watch them cook the pizzas in their mobile pizza oven while I waited.

The wood-fired pizza oven

We headed back through the crowd in order to get hold of some drinks.  While the cocktails sounded tempting I opted for a Magnificent Milkshake and the queue was actually quite helpful as it gave me time to consider my options.  While enticed by the rhubarb and custard flavour, I decided to go for the banoffee pie as I figured that one of my favourite desserts could only be made better by adding the word 'milkshake' into the mix.  It was really tasty, if a little cold given how windy it was.

The Milkshake MenuBanoffee Pie Milkshake

I would have loved to have stayed longer but it really was very cold and Eurovision was calling!  Luckily Eat Cambridge has more in store for us (I personally can't wait for the Main Event next Saturday at the Corn Exchange) as well as the fringe events which are happening in cafes, restaurants and shops all over Cambridge.

Fearing that with exams looming and revision setting in I would be increasingly short on time I decided to stop by Afternoon Tease on Sunday to try out their Sweeteasy, even if it is a little unconventional to have a martini in the morning!  It was definitely worth going.  The cocktail was a marmalade martini (made with homemade marmalade gin) and the cake was a Bramble friand (a light almond sponge cake with blackberries and a gin glaze).

The Sweeteasy
All of this left me wishing that my exams weren't so close so that I could have more time to enjoy the Eat Cambridge festival over the next couple of weeks.  If any of you are wondering what else is going on then you can have a look at the Eat Cambridge Website where you can have a look at their online brochure (or you can pick up a copy from various of the participating shops and cafes around Cambridge).


  1. Thanks for the lovely write-up Fiona! Hope to see you at the Main Event too! Heidi x